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The Plymouth Emergency Medical Service Bike Team is comprised of specially trained Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians who are equipped to provide fast, reliable service during specialized situations.  The Plymouth Bike Team is able to respond to locations where conventional First Responders may be delayed. 

Ideal for large crowds and back-country terrain, the Plymouth Bike Team has been deployed to assist townships and communities at multiple events, fire works displays, parades, and political functions. 

All Plymouth Bike Team members are certified by the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA), and have completed a minimum of forty hours training with a specific focus on Emergency Medical Service cycling.  The Plymouth Bike Team is able to carry a full load-out of Basic and Advanced Life Support equipment. 

In the event that an ambulance is delayed because of large groups, limited access, or difficult terrain, the maneuverability of the bikes combined with the advanced training of team members allows the capability to stabilize critical patients.      


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Plymouth Community Ambulance Association is a non-profit organization of volunteers and career personnel, who strive to provide the best  possible medical care to the residents and visitors of our community.  We are equipped with the latest advances in EMS equipment and are regional leaders in protocol and patient care procedure innovation.  Members of our organization serve on the regional medical advisory committee and statewide protocol committees.

Plymouth Meeting Community Ambulance Emergency:  Dial 911

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